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GAZ Welcomes Chevrolet Aveo

Gorkovsky car plant welcomes another vehicle and just recently the first Chevrolet Aveo cars rolled off the assembly line at GAZ plant. A contract between GAZ Group and General Motors group of companies has been signed back in the beginning of 2011.

In February the GAZ car factory will be only engaged in assembly of sedans, but it will be already in March when the production of hatchback cars will start. The plant will be using complete production cycle to assemble the vehicles, welding, painting and body assembly included. The total yearly amount of Chevrolet Aveos to be produced at GAZ is 30.000 units, whilst the car price will not see any changes and the no-frills vehicle will cost 454.000 rubles or ~$15.000.

Previously Aveos for Russian market was assembled in Kalinigrad.

6 February 2013

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