19 October 2016

Sales Of Datsun on-DO Sedan With Automatic Gearbox Began

Prices for the new version of the Datsun on-DO sedan with automatic transmission have been announced. Dealers of the brand are already accepting orders for these cars that will be supplied in the near future.

The Datsun on-DO sedan has been equipped with automatic transmission two years later after the start-up of its production at the Togliatti. Customers will be able to buy the sedan with a 4-speed automatic gearbox made by Jatco. The Lada Granta, the Lada Kalina and the Datsun mi-DO hatchback are equipped with the same one.

The standard version equipped with the 1.6-liter (82 hp) engine won’t have automatic transmission. You will have to pay extra 50 thousand rubles to buy the vehicle with a 1.6-liter (87 hp) motor. Thus, the most available Datsun on-DO with automatic transmission will cost 512,000 rubles.