25 сентября 2012

Taganrog-made Hyundai Cars Vanished from Car Dealers


Hyundai cars assembled in Taganrog are not on sale in Russia anymore. Assembly of Accent, Sonata and Santa Fe models has been stopped back in spring of this year. Moreover, neither Vortex Corda (or Chery Amulet) nor Vortex Estina (or Chery Fora) sedans are in the production plan of the car factory now. Currently, the Taganrog-based car plant is still engaged in production of BYD F3, Tagaz C10, Tagaz C190 and Vortex Tingo models.

Production of Hyundai Accent cars at TagAZ started back in 2001 and further on the car plant’s product offering was renewed by other models of Hyndai and various Chinese cars. The year 2008 came out to be the most prosperous and economically advantageous time for the car factory; the number of Hyundai Accent cars sold back then rose beyond 66.000 units. However, the financial crunch and overwhelming debts that the car plant had led to a sharp decline in the volume output, production line standstills and subsequent smashup of the business. Recently the greatest part of TagAZ’s workers was laid off and the future prospects of the establishment do not look too promising.

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