10 февраля 2015

Lada Vesta Sedan Spied in Production Form


New Lada Vesta sedan was spied in production form for the first time. Earlier the car was shown as concept in Moscow International Motor Show.

The car spotted in pictures is from the pilot lot. Production of the pilot lot of the Lada Vesta sedan began at the plant in Izhevsk on February 6. It will consist of 49 cars destined for tests.

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The Lada Vesta will be assembled in Izhevsk plant at a completely new processing line. In all, the company invested about 5 milliard rubles in the elaboration of the new model and preparation for its production, according to President of AvtoVAZ Bo Andersson.

The batch production of the Lada Vesta will begin on September 25, 2015, as it was planned. As for the announced price of 400 thousand rubles, they will probably have to augment it because of the rouble's collapse and cost increase of the imported components.

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