29 ноября 2014

Very Special Electric Vehicle Was Made for Vladimir Putin

The Yo-mobile project closed in spring 2014 has been unexpectedly continued. The matter is that in 2012, project investor Mikhail Prokhorov promised to present a car to politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Therefore the billionaire financed the manufacture of four more vehicles in spring.

The car called Yo-Crossback EV considerably differs from its prototypes introduced in summer 2013. The main change is in its structure: now it is not a hybride, but a pure electric vehicle. Besides, the designers have altered its exterior making it more aggressive. The car has not five doors, but three.

The Yo-Crossback EV was designed on a previous platform, but they tuned the suspension and installed the new steering by Fiat. The body structure is based on a steel space frame; the body panels are made of plastic. The electric motor (peak power 60 kW) is juiced by the Chinese lithium-ion battery the charge of which will be sufficient to cover 190 km (according to the ECE standard).

In all, four cars were manufactured at the former Yo-Auto Plant in Minsk. The company itself will have one Yo-Crossback EV. The blue vehicle will be given to Zhirinovsky. Prokhorov has taken the white one. And the red car has already been sent to Vladimir Putin.

Now Mikhail Prokhorov who has spent about one million Euros for elaboration and manufacture of these four cars is finally closing the Yo-mobile project. As for the company, it will continue working on the electric vehicles, but already with other projects.