22 октября 2014

Porsche Will Design Engines for “Motorcade” Project

It has become known that the Porsche Engineering Group will develop engines for cars of the “Motorcade” project. The other contenders for this order were AVL (Austria), Ricardo (Great Britain) and FEV (Germany).

A vehicle of the “Motorcade” project will be equipped with a V12 turbo engine with the capacity from 6.0 to 6.6 liters producing aprox. 800 hp. It was supposed earlier that V8 and V6 motors and even inline-four devices would be made on the base of this power train. The engine production is to be arranged at the ZMZ Plant using domestic components.

One of the variants of the limousine design is presented in the picture below. The final styling of the vehicle is to be approved within the next few months.

It was Vladimir Putin who suggested making a Russian luxury car. In early 2012, he expressed his wish to use a Russian car. “NAMI” (Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute) became responsible for the project in 2013 when the Porsche Engineering Group joined the work as a consultant.

It is planned to elaborate a single module platform (longitudinal engine, all-wheel drive). A president’s limousine, a sport-utility vehicle, a minibus for escort, and more affordable sedans and sport-utility vehicles for free sale will be based at this platform. It is intended to complete making the first car by 2017 (it will certainly be a limousine).