All employees of Marussia Motors were dismissed

6 April 2014

The project of the first Russian sports car manufacturer finally came to an end: Marussia Motors dismissed all staff. This information was posted to the website by ex-employees of the Nikolai Fomenkos company. One of them even gave a farewell photo.

The Marussia B1 was presented in December 2008. Then they manufactured one more sports car the B2 model and the F2 crossover. In 2010, the company opened the showroom in the centre of Moscow and even started to take pre-orders, but production of vehicles wasnt organized.

The project was re-started in 2012: Marussia Motors concluded an agreement with Finnish company Valmet Automotive about structural modification of the B2 sport car and arrangement of its production in Finland. These plans were not destined to be implemented.