UAZ Patriot

Внедорожник УАЗ Патриот

The UAZ Patriot mid-size SUV is produced in Ulyanovsk, Russia since 2005. It was a heavily restyled version of the UAZ Simbir.

The car is offered with the 2.7-liter petrol engine (128 hp, later 135 hp), the 5-speed manual gearbox and the part-time all-wheel drive. The Iveco F1A (2.3L, 116 hp) diesel engine was added to the range in 2008, in 2012 it was replaced with the ZMZ diesel engine (2.2L, 114 hp).

The UAZ Patriot was facelifted in 2014. The 2017 model year Patriot debuted in October 2016, the car get airbags, ESP, new front panel, new steering wheel. The diesel version was discontinued.

There are also UAZ Pickup and UAZ Cargo versions.

UAZ Patriot 2.7 — 135 HP, all-wheel-drive, petrol

Classic 699 000 rubles Manual
Standart 759 000 rubles Manual
Comfort 899 000 rubles Manual
Privelegia 989 000 rubles Manual
Style 1 039 000 rubles Manual



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