россовер Renault Kaptur

The Renault Kaptur is a compact crossover for Russian market manufactured by the Renault-Russia plant since 2016.

While the European Captur is based on the Clio hatchback, the Duster platform is used for the Russian Kaptur. The wheel-base was increased by 68 mm to 2674 mm in comparison with the European version and the body length grew even greater Ц by 211 mm to 4333 mm Ц thanks to the increased rear overhang. The declared road clearance is 204 mm. In general, the car design didnТt change; the vehicle has only original bumpers.

The most important novelty for the Russian market is four-wheel drive transmission. The European Capture can be only a front-wheel drive vehicle, but the Russian cars also has a four-wheel drive variant.

The front-wheel drive Kaptur is powered by the 1.6-liter engine and manual gearbox or CVT, while all-wheel drive version has the 2.0-liter engine and manual or automatic gearbox.

1.6 Ч 114 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Life 879 000 rubles Manual
Drive 929 990 rubles Manual
Drive 979 990 rubles CVT
Style 1 049 990 rubles CVT

2.0 Ч 143 HP, all-wheel-drive, petrol

Drive 1 059 990 rubles Manual
Drive 1 109 990 rubles Automatic
Style 1 129 990 rubles Manual
Style 1 179 990 rubles Automatic



New Renault Kaptur crossover revealed in Russia

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