Lada Vesta

Седан Лада Веста

The Lada Vesta small family car is produced by the Russian car company AvtoVAZ at the plant in Izhevsk since 2015.

The car is built on the new Lada B/C platform, developed by AvtoVAZ in co-operation with Renault-Nissan engineers. Initially the Lada Vesta was available with the 1.6-liter petrol engine (106 hp) paired with the 5-speed manual gearbox (Renault JH3) or with the 5-speed in-house automated manual transmission. In 2016 the Renault-sourced transmission was changed to the in-house manual gearbox and the 1.8-liter petrol engine (122 hp) was added to the range.

The Lada Vesta station wagon and the Lada Vesta Cross will enter production in 2017.

Lada Vesta 1.6 — 106 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Classic 545 900 rubles Manual
Classic+Start 570 900 rubles Manual
Comfort 598 900 rubles Manual
Comfort+Image 621 900 rubles Manual
Luxe 661 900 rubles Manual
Luxe+Multimedia 685 900 rubles Manual

Lada Vesta 1.6 AMT — 106 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Classic+Start 595 900 rubles Automatic
Comfort 623 900 rubles Automatic
Comfort+Image 646 900 rubles Automatic
Luxe 686 900 rubles Automatic
Luxe+Multimedia 710 900 rubles Automatic

Lada Vesta 1.8 — 122 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Comfort 648 900 rubles Automatic
Comfort+Image 671 900 rubles Automatic
Luxe+Multimedia 735 900 rubles Automatic



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