Hyundai Solaris

First generation (2011–2016)

Седан Hyundai Solaris первого поколения, 2011–2014

The Hyundai Solaris sedan and hatchback were produced in St-Petersburg plant since 2011 to 2016. Outside Russia the car is known as Hyundai Accent.


Second generation (2017)

Седан Hyundai Solaris

The second generation Hyundai Solaris subcompact car for the Russian market produced by Hyundai Motor at St-Petersburg plant since February 2017. The engines are 1.4-liter (100 hp, 73 kW) and 1.6-liter (123 hp, 90 kW). Both mated with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. There is only four-door sedan in the range. The Hyundai Solaris also known in China as Verna and in Northern America as Accent.

Hyundai Solaris 1.4 — 100 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Active 624 rubles Manual
Active Plus 699 rubles Manual
Active Plus 739 rubles Automatic
Comfort 744 rubles Manual
Comfort 784 rubles Automatic

Hyundai Solaris 1.6 — 123 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Active Plus 724 rubles Manual
Active Plus 764 rubles Automatic
Comfort 769 rubles Manual
Comfort 809 rubles Automatic
Elegance 859 rubles Manual
Elegance 899 rubles Automatic



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Хендай Солярис