россовер Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta is compact crossover SUV produced by Hyundai plant at Saint-Petersburg, Russia since 2016.

There is no difference in the exterior of the Russian version of the SUV and the Chinese-market Hyundai ix25 or Indian-market Hyundai Creta. Nevertheless, the Russian Hyundai Creta has been slightly changed. Engineers have altered settings of suspension, steering gear, engines and transmissions. Besides, the battery of extended capacity is applied in the vehicles for the Russian market. The list of options also includes heated windshield, steering wheel and rear seats.

The range of power units consists of gasoline 1.6-liter (123 hp) and 2.0-liter (150 hp) motors that can be combined with a mechanical or automatic gearbox. Expensive versions of the Creta will be four-wheel drive vehicles.

1.6 4WD Ч 121 HP, all-wheel-drive, petrol

Active 979 900 rubles Manual
Comfort 1 069 900 rubles Manual
Comfort 1 119 900 rubles Automatic
Travel 1 164 900 rubles Automatic

1.6 Ч 123 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Start 799 900 rubles Manual
Active 899 900 rubles Manual
Active 949 900 rubles Automatic
Comfort 989 900 rubles Manual
Travel 1 034 900 rubles Manual
Comfort 1 039 900 rubles Automatic
Travel 1 084 900 rubles Automatic

2.0 Ч 150 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Travel 1 144 900 rubles Automatic

2.0 4WD Ч 150 HP, all-wheel-drive, petrol

Travel 1 224 900 rubles Automatic



New Hyundai Creta crossover for Russia revealed

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