Седан Datsun on-DO

The Datsun on-DO compact sedan is produced by AvtoVAZ since 2014 for the Russian market. Also the car is sold in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lebanon.

It is a rebadged version of the Lada Granta. The Datsun differs from Lada with the longer body, the more capable trunk and the tweaked chassis. The exterior and interior were changed too.

The Datsun on-DO is offered with the 1.6-liter petrol engine (87 hp) paired with the 5-speed manual gearbox. The 4-speed automatic gearbox Jatco was added as an option in 2016. The 82 hp engine was discontinued in 2016.

There is also 5-door hatchback called Datsun mi-DO.

1.6 — 87 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Access 442 000 rubles Manual
Trust 474 000 rubles Manual
Trust 498 000 rubles Manual
Trust 508 000 rubles Manual
Dream 533 000 rubles Manual
Dream 567 000 rubles Manual

1.6 AT — 87 HP, front-wheel-drive, petrol

Trust 524 000 rubles Automatic
Trust 548 000 rubles Automatic
Trust 558 000 rubles Automatic
Dream 583 000 rubles Automatic
Dream 617 000 rubles Automatic



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